About Us

An independent network, promoting healthcare innovation

HealthTech Sydney is a leading innovation community for healthcare and technology. We believe in the power of technology, and the significance of its role within future healthcare reform. We aim to improve education outcomes, connect the community, and accelerate commercialisation of ideas in healthcare.

The healthcare industry is in the midst of a turbulent global transformation, and with change comes opportunity. HealthTech Sydney is a forum which fosters collaboration amongst professionals striving to make a difference to the community’s health & wellbeing, encouraging action, supporting entrepreneurship and driving innovations to market.

We aim to create opportunities.

With a firm conviction that innovation requires anything, but business as usual, we are constantly looking to bridge the gap between healthcare and technologists. HealthTech Sydney connects research, medicine, biotechnology, government and healthcare with technology, entrepreneurship, design and business to grow and support innovation in health.

Our network is extensive, and growing.

Our philosophy is that the more open, accessible and informed the community; the more likely it is that credible concepts are generated.

  • Education – We believe in education, working with leaders in the field, we spread the best ideas and information and encourage open discussion of key issues.
  • Connectivity – Focusing on connectivity, we provide access to a large, engaged and informed community in which you can discuss ideas for healthcare change, exchange feedback and connect to key people to grow your idea.
  • Opportunity – During the journey from seed idea to viable business, we use our network to help connect to the skills and expertise required to help you at any stage of development.

HealthTech Sydney is a vibrant and active community where you’ll feel welcome, included and appreciated for your role in making healthcare in Australia better. Please join the HealthTech Sydney meetup group, and bookmark our feed for news and events.

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