Tonight we will host an exclusive event, as part of Sydney Startup Week – Journey of a Health-Tech Startup.

This will feature leading startups, founders and leaders on how to build a digital healthcare company. As part of StartupWeek Sydney‘s range of industry events, we will showcase the journey of several innovative companies in developing an idea into a real, validated product with a repeatable business model.

The night will feature the following Guest Presenters:

Craig Lambert – Co-Founder Slingshot (Corporate Accelerator Program)

Craig is Co-Founder of Slingshot – a High Tech Accelerator that brings corporates and startups together. Slingshot provides seed capital, a dynamic co-working space, and a 12-week mentoring program to nurture skills and relationships to enable entrepreneurs to build a remarkable companies.

Craig is also an experienced high tech investor. As National Sales Director of Yahoo Australia Craig helped build Yahoo Australia to become a $50 million business. With background ranging from sports management to owning his own advertising agency – Craig has much to offer entrepreneurs in the startup scene.

Daniel N. Zafir, Managing Director, Respiratory Innovations

Daniel Zafir is the most recent addition to Respiratory Innovations, joining the team as Managing Director at a pivotal time in their product Breathe Well’s commercialisation journey. He has led a successful technology commercialisation enterprise before, backed by Australia’s leading venture capitalists and angel investors and supported by federal- and state-based funding initiatives, including Commercialisation Australia, and the NSW Innovation Grants program.

Prior to running technology ventures, Daniel was a Clinical Neuroscientist at Gold Coast University Hospital where he coordinated the Neurophysiology departments for the Gold Coast Health Services District’s three main hospitals. Daniel also has a history in medical education, assisting in the design of the clinical skills curriculum in Neuroscience at Bond University, and facilitating case-based learning for junior medical students at The University of Sydney.

He has a Master of Commerce from UNSW Australia with a major in Finance, and a First Class Honours degree in Neuroanatomy from The University of Sydney.

Ian Prangley, Co-founder of Active Health

Ian is sports physiotherapist and strength and conditioning coach, having worked within the Australian Institute of Sport program from 2006-2013, Tennis Australia as their National Physiotherapy Manager from 2010-2013, and as the Australian Davis Cup team Physiotherapist from 2007-2013. Between 2001-2005 he was a physiotherapist in public hospitals and private practice clinics treating a variety of patients with musculoskeletal, pulmonary and neurological conditions.

While Ian was the National Physiotherapy Manager for Tennis Australia he was responsible for managing 9 physiotherapists, co-ordinating research projects, and developing technology systems to assess and monitor athletes physical workloads and well-being.

Ian has a Master of Sports Physiotherapy (LaTrobe University) and Master of Exercise Science (Edith Cowan University) degrees making him one of the most qualified exercise professionals in the industry. He achieved first class honours during his undergraduate Physiotherapy degree at the University of Queensland and was the recipient of the ‘Brooks Award’ at LaTrobe University for the highest grade achieved in professional development studies. Ian also co-authored a research paper that received the ASICS Award for Best Paper at the Australian Conference of Science and Medicine in Sport in 2001. Ian is halfway through completing an MBA at Deakin University.

Ross Wright, Co-Founder at Zed Technologies

25 years and four careers in diagnostic imaging from radiographer, to sales & marketing to practice management to IT management.

Zed Tech specialises in connecting radiology departments with their referrers and patients. Zed Technologies has expertise in departmental and teleradiology workflow and has a track record of not only identifying problems, but writing the software to solve those problems.

Dr Peter Cronin, Co-Founder, Prospection (Healthcare Analytics & Consulting)

Dr Peter Cronin is the co-founder of Prospection a healthcare analytics company. Prospection seeks to use enabling technologies to turn healthcare data into actionable insights. We have designed and developed sophisticated healthcare analytics platforms for longitudinal patient data, geo-mapping and medication costing and utilisation. In 3 years Prospection has grown to a team of 20 and now services 40+ healthcare clients including pharmaceutical manufacturers, research institutes and hospitals. Peter will share some of the highs and lows of our exciting journey to date.