About Jevgeni Peltola

Jevgeni is responsible for creative entrepreneurial initiatives, growth, operations and strategy for MEDIGO Australia. Jevgeni has studied in China, Russia and Germany, and at Harvard, MIT, and at the Helsinki University of Technology, where he completed a M.Sc. in Engineering. His work with the Startup Sauna business accelerator has helped more than 3,000 entrepreneurs launch their own companies. A true adventurer, Jevgeni has visited more than 50 countries from Nigeria to the Philippines and he speaks six languages fluently. His dream is to visit every country on the planet!

Why are Australian inventors bad at commercialisation? (and what should you do about it?)

By Jevgeni Peltola, MD, Medigo Australia   It’s a terrible shame that a great number of the Australian hard working ... continue reading

How To Get Media Exposure And $25,000 Worth Of Services For Free

“A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them” – Steve Jobs Execution is ... continue reading

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