Journey of a Health Tech Startup

Tonight we will host an exclusive event, as part of Sydney Startup Week – Journey of a Health-Tech Startup. This ... continue reading

Design Thinking Workshop – Review

http://www.slideshare.net/HTSydney/silverlining-project-the-strategy-group When seeing the night would end after 9pm, I thought there was no way I would stay focused ... continue reading

Health and Big Data

In time for our Big Data and Innovation event, IMS Health have put together a fantastic e-book on how pharmaceutical ... continue reading

Dr Ben Kong – Oncologist and Clinical Trials Fellow

Dr Kong discussed how he is using Big Data and personalized medicine in the field of Oncology, to give better ... continue reading

Unlocking the Big Data Revolution in Personalised Health & Clinical Trials

Our July HealthTech Sydney event focussed on the challenges of using Big Data to shape the future of Personalised Medicine. ... continue reading

Upcoming Event – June 3rd – Finding Funding – Part 1 – Public Pathways

We are excited to announce our next HealthTech event to be held at ATP Innovations, Eveleigh. Funding accelerates growth and ... continue reading

Upcoming Event – April 16th – Intellectual Property Management & Commercialisation

We are excited to announce our first major event of 2015 is only one week away. Learn business strategy from ... continue reading

Oversleeping may also be bad for us

Feb 28th The negative effects of sleep deprivation -- memory and concentration problems and increased risk of obesity, diabetes and ... continue reading

Scanadu: The medical Tricorder from Star Trek is here

Feb 28th Two years ago, an Illinois man convinced several investors to raise $25 million to fund a revolutionary medical ... continue reading

Saluda Medical receives $10 million in Series B financing

Feb 20th Saluda Medical receives $10 million in Series B financing: Dr John Parker, CEO of Saluda Medical was here ... continue reading

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