Video Collaboration for a modern workforce

  At Coviu we strive to make video calls as productive as possible. The thing is: when people get together to work on something, it’s not just about seeing and hearing each other — it’s about having the ... continue reading

Startup Pitch Night to Investors – HCF Catalyst & Muru-D

We had a great attendance of ~90 people for the 'Startup Pitch Night to Investors' on March 30th at ATP Innovations. There were 6 startups from the HCF Slingshot Catalyst program and one from Muru-D. Many ... continue reading

Psychological claims at work: why they cost so much and why you need to prevent them

Psychological claims are devastating in a way that your workplace could easily miss — and these claims can be even more devastating for an employee suffering from a mental health disorder. Not only are there hidden financial ... continue reading

How To Get Media Exposure And $25,000 Worth Of Services For Free

“A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them” – Steve Jobs Execution is an element, which differentiates success stories from failures. It takes a lot of courage to ... continue reading

Privacy as a strategic advantage for healthcare products & services

This talk on Privacy and Confidentiality in Digital Health was presented by Vanessa Halter - privacy and eHealth compliance advisor - at HealthTech Sydney's Security, Privacy & Patient Data for Digital Health, 23/2/2016. Security in healthcare systems This ... continue reading

Journey of a Health Tech Startup

Tonight we will host an exclusive event, as part of Sydney Startup Week – Journey of a Health-Tech Startup. This will feature leading startups, founders and leaders on how to build a digital healthcare company. ... continue reading

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