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HealthTech Sydney in a healthcare innovation community of almost 1000 members. Members from a wide range of professions meet to learn to connect and to innovate. Our members understand the huge impact digital technologies will have on improving the future of health – both in terms of quality of patient outcomes and operational efficiencies. We are all tremendously excited about innovation in health, we are seeking to participate in commercialisation in this space. HealthTech Sydney partnerships bring together corporations, speakers and the community from the worlds of health, science, design, technology, engineering, finance, law, business, education, and arts together as health innovation is multidisciplinary. Learn how your company, corporation, or foundation can partner with HealthTech to enable it to remain accessible to as many people as possible, to extend it’s reach beyond Sydney, to invest in technology to provide an improved digital hub for it’s members, and to continue to bring exciting events to members. Do contact us to partner with HealthTech – it is an exciting time for the industry and we have a rich network of members.

We are pleased to acknowledge the fantastic support that we receive from our corporate partners. In the past we have worked with organisations across the healthcare spectrum. 

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