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To celebrate the finale of Australia’s first corporate-backed health tech accelerator, HCF Catalyst, we invite you to experience DEMO DAY 2016.




Be the first to see the HCF Catalyst startups present their innovative health-tech businesses up close on the big screen and share their journey from idea to investor-ready companies.

The successful startups have completed the 12 week program run by corporate accelerator, Slingshot where they have learnt to build globally scalable businesses coupled with mentoring, marketing support and financial backing.  With health-tech high on the social agenda – this is an event not to be missed.




CANCERAID – Addresses the deficiency in cancer care by providing patients and caregivers an easy to use smartphone application that specifically targets disease illness uncertainty. CancerAid aims to address the psychological, social and behavioural impact of cancer on patient wellbeing. Developed by three Oncology doctors, in conjunction with over 100 Cancer Specialists and 20 Cancer Charities, CancerAid is a low-cost, high-value solution that fits in line with the innovation shift for healthcare in Australia. www.canceraid.com.au

CARDIHAB – Helps clinicians deliver a convenient, scientifically validated remote cardiac rehabilitation program to their patients. Cardiac rehab is recommended for patients following heart attack or surgery as it has been demonstrated to reduce the risk of second heart attack. The software-as-service supports remote delivery of a phase 2 cardiac rehab program that world-first research showed is clinically equivalent to clinic-based rehab, but improves patient uptake, adherence and completion while reducing clinic visits. Cardihab: convenient cardiac rehab from wherever you are. www.cardihab.com

CURO –  Puts modern technology and tools in the hands of care givers, to change the way we care for seniors. Through the use of low cost, non-intrusive sensors, and easy to use mobile applications, Curo collects data from multiple real world, automatic and observational sources, to contextualize the patterns and changes to behaviors that have the greatest impact on long term health, wellbeing and independence. www.meetcuro.com

DREAMWELL –  Australian App company in the business of fitness entertainment. Their product; Fit for Battle is a mobile application that gamifies running. The fantasy themed game is suitable for all fitness levels. It is an audio-based interactive adventure that a user can use to stay motivated during a run. There is a huge variety of rewards for the user which helps the exerciser make goals and meet real world health targets. www.fitforbattle.net

LOOKFIT – An online comparison provider for everything related to the health and fitness industry. Known as “the iSelect of the fitness industry”, Lookfit was created to solve the problem of it currently being incredibly difficult and time consuming for people to compare different health and fitness options and prices. As an online, one-stop-shop that compares the prices of different products and services within the health and fitness industry in one easy location, lookfit saves consumers both time and money. www.lookfit.com.au

MINDFIT – Choosing a psychologist is largely trial and error, with no way of selecting one that is PROVEN to achieve results, let alone the BEST psychologist for your needs.  MindFit provides a matching service so that people can find a psychologist who’s right for them and a monitoring service that privately gives feedback on their actual treatment, progress and results. www.mindfit.org.au




CAREMONKEY – CareMonkey is an Australian based, multi-award winning health-tech company. The CareMonkey system provides families with a shareable family health database and also provides a risk management system that automatically keeps people’s medical and emergency details up to date for any organisation with a duty of care. The system is used by individuals, families, schools, universities, in sport, in HR, scouts, the disability sector, camps, church groups, youth groups and more. www.caremonkey.com

MYHEALTHTEST –  A direct-to-consumer pathology test service.  From the convenience of home people are able to simply collect a couple of drops of blood onto a specialised card which is then sent by regular mail to our laboratory for analysis. Test results are then delivered securely to the consumer and stored online. www.myhealthtest.com

PULSE DATA SCIENCE–  Specialises in the delivery of advanced predictive analytics and software solutions for companies in healthcare. Our algorithms can be used to predict future patient behaviour including propensity for future hospitalisation, prediction of disease and morbidity, analysis of clinical performance (both efficiency and clinical outcomes), fraud, claims duration and propensity for customer lapse. www.pulsedatascience.com




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For further information about HCF Catalyst visit http://hcfcatalyst.slingshotters.com