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Startup Pitch Night to Investors & Advisors – HCF Catalyst & Muru-D

Hello Health Tech Sydney,

We are excited to announce a new event that will give members the opportunity to hear selected HCF Catalyst and Muru-D healthcare startups present their interesting business ideas and solutions.

HCF has always sought to bring innovative ideas to market, for the benefit of its members and the community as a whole. The challenge is to find these opportunities. HCF Catalyst addresses this challenge by attracting innovators to HCF, offering successful entrepreneurs the support they require to get their ideas market-ready, while giving HCF and its members early access to the best ideas that Australia has to offer.  HCF Catalyst presents 6 entrepreneurial teams in healthcare building their business ideas through Slingshot.

Muru-D is the startup accelerator backed by Telstra, Muru-D invests in great teams with innovative technology and global ambitions. UpRise is the startup from Muru-D preseting on the night.

Event Itinerary

  • 5:30pm – Registration
  • 6:20pm – Opening
  • 6:30pm – CancerAid
  • 6:45pm – Cardihab
  • 7:00pm – Curo
  • 7:15pm – Fit for Battle
  • 7:30pm – LookFit
  • 7:45pm – MindFit
  • 8:00pm – UpRise
  • 8:15pm – Close and Drinks

Snacks and drinks will be provided.

Pitches are outlined below!


  • CancerAid is a first-of-its kind innovation that addresses the deficiency in cancer care by providing patients and caregivers an easy to use smartphone application that specifically targets disease illness uncertainty.
  • CancerAid aims to address the psychological, social and behavioural impact of cancer on patient wellbeing.
  • It is being developed by team of three Oncology trainees, in conjunction with over 100 Cancer Specialists and 20 Cancer Charities.
  • CancerAid is a low-cost, high-value solution that fits in line with the innovation shift for healthcare in Australia.


  • Cardihab helps clinicians deliver a convenient, scientifically validated remote cardiac rehabilitation program to their patients.
  • Despite the benefits, many patients opt out of cardiac rehab for a variety of reasons, including the inconvenience of attending a clinic up to 18 times to complete a program.
  • Cardihab’s software-as-service supports remote delivery of a phase 2 cardiac rehab program that world-first research showed is clinically equivalent to clinic-based rehab, but improves patient uptake, adherence and completion while reducing clinic visits.


  • Curo puts modern technology and tools in the hands of care givers, to change the way we care for seniors.
  • Through the use of low cost, non-intrusive sensors, and easy to use mobile applications, Curo collects data from multiple real world, automatic and observational sources, to contextualize the patterns and changes to behaviors that have the greatest impact on long term health, wellbeing & independence.
  • Curo was created in Melbourne by brothers Tim and Matt McDougall, as a response to difficulties their family experienced when their Grandfather began suffering from signs of dementia while living in his home in remote Victoria.

Fit For Battle

  • Fit for Battle is a mobile application that gamifies running. The fantasy themed game is suitable for all fitness levels.
  • It is an audio-based interactive adventure that a user can use to stay motivated during a run.
  • There is a huge variety of rewards for the user which helps the exerciser make goals and meet real world health targets.


  • Lookfit is the leading online comparison provider for everything related to the health and fitness industry. Known as “the iSelect of the fitness industry”, lookfit was created to solve the problem of it currently being incredibly difficult and time consuming for people to compare different health and fitness options and prices.
  • As an online, one-stop-shop that compares the prices of different products and services within the health and fitness industry in one easy location, lookfit saves consumers both time and money.


  • Choosing a psychologist is largely trial and error, with no way of selecting one that is PROVEN to achieve results, let alone the BEST psychologist for your needs.
  • MindFit provides a matching service so that people can find a psychologist who’s right for them and a monitoring service that privately gives feedback on their actual treatment, progress, and results.


  • Uprise offers evidence-based online programs with coaching from a psychologist.
  • Designed for workplaces that want to improve work engagement and reduce burnout, psychological injuries and absenteeism.

Best Regards,

Team HealthTech Sydney

This event is sponsored by the HCF Slingshot Catalyst program.

HCF Slingshot Catalyst

HCF Slingshot Catalyst