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Raising Funding from Private Investors

Want to know how to successfully pitch to angel and venture capital investors to secure funding? Want to learn from other’s mistakes so you don’t make the same? Want to find out what business models are working and what metrics to use to manage your success?

Managing Equity/Remuneration

And once you raise some financing, are you considering how to best manage equity, set remuneration and performance metrics amongst the team?

Our next event will be centred around both these issues many growing businesses must encounter.

We are happy to announce our two guest speakers Adrian Bunter and David Kenney to lead the discussions.

Adrian Bunter has previously presented at SydStart events. Adrian will cover the following:

  • Intro to Sydney Angels
  • Angel vs VC Financing
  • The Australian Angel and Venture Financing Landscape
  • What industries are trending for raising funding
  • What digital / technology businesses hold promise for the future
  • How entrepreneurs get it wrong – from pitching to managing financing, strategy and team
  • What are investors looking for?
  • How to Access US VCs

So now that you’ve raised funding, what about the equity distribution?

David Kenney will spearhead discussions about the equity dilemma. David will take us through the following:

  • Equity distribution through all stages of business lifecycle
  • What to do with equity Post-funding?
  • Case-study for tech firm seeking to hire engineers
  • Recommendations to structure equity and remuneration within team
  • Employee Share Scheme and other incentive programs
  • How to use equity to build the right team